Tech Topic 43: Google Gemini tips from Jivko Gurmanov

This week OnEBoard was joined by special guest Jivko Gurmanov, a growth specialist at Cloud Office, a 2024 Google Cloud Expansion Partner of the Year.   

He shared tips and answered questions on how to use Google Gemini AI tools for Google Workspace.
  • Tip: Use natural language to chat with Gemini 
  • Tip: Provide specific details in your request to Gemini for the best output
  • Tip: Use Gemini to brainstorm ideas and analyze data
  • Bonus tip: Give feedback to help Gemini improve 
  • Bonus tip: Use Gemini with privacy in mind 
  • Question: What is your favorite use of Gemini? 
  • Question: How does Gemini work with specific information? 
  • Question: How should people work with multiple AI tools?
If you are interested in Google's AI productivity tools, this is a must watch!

How can you get access to Gemini in Google Workspace? 
Learn How to Prompt

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Thanks to Jivko for joining us this week and sharing his expertise!

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