#OnEBoardChat October 2023 Roundup: Trends, E-E-A-T, Online Community, Account Security

In October OnEBoard’s weekly Twitter/X chat covered Trends, SEO, Online Community and Account Security.

Thanks to the #OnEBoardChat hosts and the discussion participants!

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Upcoming chat topics (subject to change):

Highlights from October chats

October 1: Trends
Host: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)

Q1 (link): What are examples of Trends?
Q2 (link): How can we use Google Trends?
Q3 (link): What is trending in tech in 2023?

October 8: Finding Community Online
Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)

Q1 (link): What are some of the benefits of being part of an online community ?
Q2 (link): How did you find your online communities?
Q3 (link): What are some ways to build relationships in online communities?

October 22: E-E-A-T and SEO
Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): What does E E A T stand for in SEO?
Q2 (link) Why should I implement EEAT SEO practices?
Q3 (link) What are some common EEAT mistakes to avoid?

October 29: Online Account Security
Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)

Q1 (link): Do you have 2-step verification set up to secure your online accounts?
Q2 (link): Do you use a passkey to sign in to any of your accounts?
Q3 (link): Have you set up recovery options for your online accounts?