OnEBoard Commitment 2024

The 9th OnEBoard Yearly Commitment is Sunday, December 3. 

At this annual virtual meetup OnEBoard members will announce their goals for 2024 and share how their 2023 goals were met.

Watch highlights from Commitment 2023.

All members of the OnEBoard Public Google Group have been invited to attend the Meet video meeting to share their 2024 commitment live.

It will be broadcast live on YouTube, and everyone is invited to join in the live chat on YouTube.

Update: watch the highlight video of Commitment 2024.

Set a reminder notification on YouTube for Commitment 2024 or watch the full live stream here:


Thank you to Nina Trankova for hosting; Peggy Kolm, Bob Danley, Svetlana Stavreva, Monika Schmidt, Bridgette Uras and Molly Youngblood for sharing their commitments, and Chris Guld for joining us in the live chat.