#OnEBoardChat July Roundup: Collaboration, Travel Apps, Merch Sales, Languages and Local SEO

July’s topics for OnEBoard’s Sunday Twitter (now X) chat included apps for travel, language and translation, collaboration tools, merch and online shops and Local SEO.
Thanks to the #OnEBoardChat hosts and everyone who participated in the discussions!
If you are interested in hosting a chat, sign up! You can follow the #OnEBoardChat hashtag on Twitter/X to join in the conversation.

Upcoming discussion topics (subject to change):

August 6: Gmail with Host: Georgi Dinchev (@gdintchev)
August 13: Calendar with host Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)
August 20: Online Identity with host Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
August 27: Google Business Profile Suspensions with host Molly Youngblood (@MyGeigermeister)

Highlights from July #OnEBoardChat discussions

July 2: Merch and Online Shops
Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
Q1 (link): Do you sell merch or have an online shop? Have you purchased merch from a creator?
Q2 (link): What types of merch sell well? Are physical goods or virtual goods better?
Q3 (link): What are important online shop features?

July 9: Apps for Travel

Host: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova
Q1 (link): Tell us your fun travel apps/ Google Maps related Story?
Q2 (link): What apps do you use for your travels?
Q3 (link): How do you choose what to do when you travel?

July 16: Language and Translation

Host: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)
Q1 (link): Translation or localization?
Q2 (link): Which app gave you the best native language experience?
Q3 (link): How well does Bard understand languages?

July 23: Collaboration Tools

Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
Q1 (link): What kinds of projects have you collaborated on recently? Did you collaborate online, offline or both?
Q2 (link): What software or apps do you find useful for collaboration online or offline?
Q3 (link): What app or service features are important to you for collaboration?

July 30: Local SEO
Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)
Q1 (link):What is local SEO?
Q2 (link): How can a Google Business profile help with local SEO?
Q3 (link): Do reviews help with local SEO?