#OnEBoardChat August Roundup: Using Gmail & Calendar, Online Identity, Google Business Profiles

In August OnEBoard’s Sunday Twitter/X chat covered Gmail, Calendar, managing your online identity, and Google Business Profiles.

A big thank you to the #OnEBoardChat hosts and the discussion participants.

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Upcoming chat topics:

September 3: Internet Fragmentation with host Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)
September 10: Google Ad Grants with host Molly Youngblood (@MyGeigermeister)
September 17: Encryption with host Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
September 24: TBD

Highlights from August discussions:

August 6: Gmail

Host: Georgi D (@InditOrg)
Q1 (link): Since when are you using Gmail?
Q2 (link): Do you use chat/voice with Gmail?
Q3 (link): Are you checking your Spam folder?
Bonus tip: Add a point (dot) in your Gmail email address for unique addresses that all go to your account

August 13: Google Calendar

Host: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)
Q1 (link): Which are your 5 priority activities Calendar?
Q2 (link): How do you use colors with Google Calendar?
Q3 (link): Which new features did you use with Calendar?
Bonus Tip: How to set up paid appointment bookings in Google Calendar

August 20: Online Identity

Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
Q1 (link): Do you have more than one internet identity?
Q2 (link): Do you use the same online handle and profile photo everywhere?
Q3 (link): What are best practices for online profiles?
Bonus tip: Customize your Google Profile

August 27: Google Business Profile Suspensions

Host: Molly Youngblood (@MyGeigermeister)
Q1 (link): Why did you get your Google Business Profile Suspended?
Q2 (link): How can you get your Google Business Profile Reinstated?
Q3 (link): How can you Advertise while waiting on your Google Business Profile reinstatement?
Bonus Tip: Be sure that your Google Account and your Google Business Profile does not become inactive

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