#OnEBoardChat June Roundup: Blogging, Events, Calendars, Migration to GA4


Did you miss OnEBoard’s Sunday Twitter chat in June? This month's topics included migration to Google Analytics 4 (are you ready?), managing Events and Calendars, and blogging.

A big thank you to the #OnEBoardChat hosts and everyone who participated in the discussions!

If you are interested in hosting a chat, sign up! You can follow the #OnEBoardChat hashtag on Twitter to join in the conversation.

Upcoming chat topics (subject to change):
  • July 2: Merch and Online Sales with host @PeggyKTC
Highlights from June discussions:

June 4: Blogging

Host Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)

Q1 (link): Have you ever had a blog (past or present)? Which blogging platforms have you used? What features are important to you as a blogger?
Q2 (link): Do you read blogs? Do you read on the blog itself? Or subscribe to a feed? If you use a feed reader, which do you use?
Q3 (link): What kinds of topics do you read about on blogs or blog about yourself? Do you think there are specific kinds of topics that are (or are not) a good fit for blogging?
Bonus question (link): A question for bloggers: do you use your blog's built-in stats? Google Analytics? Another analytics service?

June 11: Events

Host Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)

Q1 (link): What is your attending events experience?
Q2 (link): How are Event Organisers handling merged experience IRL/in real life & virtual engagement?
Q3 (link): What is your attending events experience?

June 18: Calendars

Host Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)

Q1 (link): What are your favorite online calendar features? What features are you missing?
Q2 (link): Do you use an online calendar to schedule events or appointments? What do you use?
Q3 (link): Do you use shared online calendars? How do you use them?

June 25: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Host Molly Youngblood (@MyGeigermeister)

Q1 (link): What is GA4?
Q2 (link): Why should I migrate to GA4?
Q3 (link): What happens if I don’t migrate to GA4?