#OnEBoardChat April Roundup: Creating content, Email tips, Online Maps, Google Business Profiles, Earth Day


In April OnEBoard’s Sunday Twitter chat we discussed content creation, email hacks, online maps and travel, managing Google Business Profiles, and using tech sustainably.

A big thank you to the #OnEBoardChat hosts and everyone who participated in the discussion!

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Upcoming chat topics:
May 7: Live Streaming (Host: Nina Trankova)
May 14: PR Tips (Host: Svetlana Stavreva)
May 21: Google Photos (Host: Chris Guld)
May 29: Google Bard (Host: Molly Youngblood)

Highlights from April discussions:  

April 2: Audio, Video or Text Content?
Host: Peggy K
Q1 (link): Do you prefer to consume content as audio, video, or text? Do you participate in live events by audio, video or text?
Q2 (link): Do you create audio content? Video content? Text content? How do you decide what type of content to create?
Q3 (link): How do you ensure your content is accessible and can reach the largest audience?
Bonus (link): Do you create or listen to podcasts?
April 9: Gmail and Email
Host: Georgi Dinchev
Q1 (link): Which email services do you use? Why those?
Q2 (link): Do you use software for mass email marketing like Mailchimp, Mailgun or MailBul?
Q3 (link): What is your favorite email hack?
April 16: Google Maps
Host: Nina Trankova

Q1 (link): Tell us your fun Google Maps or online maps related Story?
Q2 (link): What apps do you use for your travels?
Q3 (link): Are you a contributor to Google Maps or other online maps? Why or why not?
April 23: Earth Day and Tech
Host: Peggy K

Q1 (link): Do you use Google Maps or other apps to find fuel efficient routes, use public transit rather than your car, or walk or cycle?
Q2 (link): What steps have you taken to reduce your use of plastics and other consumables? Do you choose where you shop or restaurants for takeout based on the packaging they use?
Q3 (link): What tech do you use to help you reduce energy or water use, eat vegetarian, improve your local environment (planting, cleanup), promote info about climate change, or otherwise help the Earth?

April 30: Google Business Profiles
Host: Molly Youngblood

Q1 (link): Why are reviews important for your Google Business Profile?
Q2 (link): How do you optimize your Google Business Profile ?
Q3 (link): What can you do to link your Google Business profile to your website?