OnEBoardChat 2022 Roundup

In 2022 OnEBoard's Sunday Twitter chats (#OnEBoardChat) covered topics on collaboration, storytelling, using social media, tech tips and more. 

2022 OnEBoardChat Hosts

A big thank you to all of 2022's OnEBoardChat hosts: 

    Bob Danley (@Cypseloides on Twitter)

    David Farrell (@MasonicMoron on Twitter)

    Mark Barrus (@MarkBarrusHypno on Twitter)

    Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister on Twitter)

    Monika Schmidt (@Moniscope on Twitter)

    Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova on Twitter)

    Peggy Kolm (@PeggyKTC on Twitter)

    Somnath Datta (@sillyposts on Twitter)

    Svetlana Stavreva (@Stavreva on Twitter)

2022 OnEBoardChat topics

Discussion topics included:

Using Google Products
Gmail How-Tos
Google Meet 101
Google Ads
Using Google Calendar
Google Maps Besties
Google Chat Features
Google Drive On The Go

Online Meetings
Google Business Profiles
Google Workspace Editions
Google Partner Benefits

Social Media
Social Media Choices
Personal vs. Professional Social Media
Online Identity

Promoting Community Engagement
Content Moderation
Community Moderation: Off-platform user behavior
Communities and Live Streaming
Communities and Collaboration

Content Collaboration
Collaboration Tools

Stories: Telling a Story with Photos
Stories: Storytelling Elements
Stories: Storyboarding

Account Security
Gmail Security
Disabled Google Accounts

Travel Tips
Digital Carbon Footprint
Storing and Sharing Photos Online
Communicating Climate Change
Digital Realities: From 6th Sense to Datasense

#OnEBoardChat Year End Jam

December 11 was the #OnEBoardChat year-end rewind, with multiple hosts posting discussion questions that touched on topics from the past year: 

Q1 (link) from Peggy K: Do your online communities host special events for the year-end holidays?

Q2 (link) from Molly Youngblood: If you are an advertiser, do you change the type of ads or your ad spend for the holiday season?

Q3 (link) from Somnath Datta: Are you aware of the various options available in Gmail to mitigate/counter threats?

Q4 (link) from Nina Trankova: Are you using video calling (Google Meet, Zoom, etc) for holiday celebrations this year? 

Q5 (link) from Svetlana Stavreva: Do you change your posting on social media over the end-of-year holidays? 

Q6 (link) from Bob Danley: How do you use photos or videos for storytelling over the holidays? 

Q7 (link) from Monika Schmidt: Where are you going to share your holiday photos in public?

Q8 (link) from Mark Barrus: With so many photos being taken during the holiday season, how do you manage to store and share all of them? And what printing options do you have?

Q9 (link) from David Farrell:  How do you use the navigation to reach the restaurant while on Christmas vacation? Also do you read the reviews before dining?

Sound interesting? 

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