#OnEBoardChat November Roundup: Climate Change Communication, Photos Storage & Sharing, Google Maps Tips, Google Ads Benefits

In November #OnEBoardChat discussed communicating climate change, storing and sharing digital photos, Google Maps tips and Google Ads Partner Benefits. I have highlighted some interesting and insightful comments from each discussion.

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December Topics

November 6 Google Partner Benefits

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): What are the Google Partners program education and insight benefits?

Q2 (link): What are the Google Partners program access and support benefits?

Q3 (link): What are the Google Partners recognition and rewards benefits?


November 13 Google Maps Besties

Host: Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link): Tell us your fun Google Maps story

Q2 (link): Have you tried eco-friendly routing?

Q3 (link): Are you a contributor to Google Maps?


November 20 Storing and Sharing Photos Online

Host: Peggy K (@peggyktc)

Q1 (link): Do you back up your photos in the cloud?

Q2 (link): Do you publicly share your photos online?

Q3 (link): How do you enjoy the digital photos you have taken?


November 27 Communicating Climate Change

Host: Svetlana Stavreva (@stavreva)

Q1 (link): Do you believe people are “climate change”-literate?

Q2 (link): Do you believe companies and organizations are “climate change”-literate?

Q3 (link): Where does “climate change”-literacy begin?


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