#OnEBoardChat October Roundup: Google Ads, Meet, Online Identities, Carbon Footprints, Accounts

In October #OnEBoardChat discussed our digital carbon footprint, online identities, using Google Meet and Google Ads, and (horror!) disabled Google Accounts.

Note that next week and until spring, the #OnEBoardChat is Sundays at 11 AM Pacific, 7 PM UTC (rather than 6 PM UTC).

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Here are some highlights from October #OnEBoardChat discussions: 

October 2: Digital Carbon Footprint

Hosts: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova) and Svetlana Stavreva (@Stavreva)
Q1 (link): Why should we care about our digital carbon footprint?
Q2 (link): What are some tips to measure your digital carbon footprint?
Q3 (link): Do you know and track your own carbon footprint?

Tips and Insights

October 9: Google Meet 101

Host: Nina Trankova (@NinaTrankova)
Q1 (link) : Which apps are you using for video calls and meetings?
Q2 (link): Are your video calls and meetings encrypted?
Q3 (link): What are content creation options with Google Meet?

Tips and Insights

October 16: Google Ads

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)
Q1 (link): How do Google Ads Work?
Q2 (link): What are Local Service Ads?
Q3 (link): How do you prevent Google Ads mistakes?

Tips and Insights

October 23: Online Identity

Host: Peggy K (@PeggyKTC)
Q1 (link): Do you have more than one internet identity?
Q2 (link): Do you use the same online handle and profile photo everywhere?
Q3 (link): What are best practices for online profiles?

Mentioned Resources
Tips and Insights

October 30: Disabled Google Accounts

Host: Somnath Datta (@sillyposts)
Q1 (link): Disabled Google Accounts: the reasons?
Q2 (link): Disabled Google Accounts: how to proceed?
Q3 (link): Disabled Google Accounts: impacts, fallout, avoidance?

Mentioned Resources
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  1. The October topics covered for #OnEBoardChat are a handy teaching book! Thank you for the recap and resources, Peggy!


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