#OnEBoardChat September roundup: AI, Google Meet, Presentations, Video Content

In the September OnEBoard Twitter chats we discussed how to use Artificial Intelligence to create content, Google Meet basics, creating presentations and webinars, and using video content for marketing.

 Thanks to August chat hosts Nina Trankova, Molly Youngblood and Peggy K, and to everyone who joined the discussion!

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Here's what we discussed in August:

September 4: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Content

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): How can AI technology convert text to video?

Q2 (link): How is AI changing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) landscape?

Q3 (link): How can you take a few words to create blog posts and social media posts?

Takeaways and Tips

September 11: Google Meet 101

Host: Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link): What are your favorite Google Meet features?

Q2 (link): Which Google Meet feature is potentially best suiting the "Helpful Content" Google Search algorithm update?

Q3 (link): How many apps work with Google Meet?

Takeaways and tips:

September 18: Presentations and Webinars

Host: Peggy K (@peggyktc)

Q1 (link): What are the elements of a good presentation or webinar?

Q2 (link): What is your favorite platform for webinars and online presentations?

Q3 (link): What software do you use to create a presentation?

Takeaways and tips:

August 25: Video content and marketing

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): How do you use video content to broadcast your message?

Q2 (link): What are some tips to create successful video content?

Q3 (link): How do you use video content to increase traffic to your website? 

Takeaways and tips:


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