#OnEBoardChat August Roundup

In the August OnEBoard Twitter chats we discussed Google Calendar, Google Chat, Gmail and non-Google collaboration tools. 

Thanks to August chat hosts Nina Trankova, Molly Youngblood, Somnath Datta and Peggy K,  and to everyone who joined the discussion!

Discussions are every Sunday at 11AM PST/6PM UTC, and everyone is welcome to participate. 

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Here's what we discussed in August:

August 7: Using Google Calendar

Host: Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link): What do you most often use Google Calendar for?

Q2 (link): How do you use Tasks with Calendar and Google apps?

Q3 (link): What is the best Calendar feature with your work account?

August 14: Google Chat Features

Host: Molly Youngblood  (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): What are Google Chat features?

Q2 (link):  Can you use Google Tasks with Google Chat?

Q3 (link): Can you call someone from Google Chat?

August 21: Collaboration Tools

Host: Peggy K (@peggyktc)

Q1 (link): How do you communicate with your collaborators? 

Q2 (link): What tools or services do you use to share files and resources with your collaborators?

Q3 (link): What non-Google tools do you use to collaborate? (For Google tools see the discussion on July 31)

August 28: Gmail Security

Host: Somnath Datta (@sillyposts)

Q1 (link): What are the various email threats you are aware of?

Q2 (link): Are you aware of the various options available in Gmail to mitigate/counter those threats?

Q3 (link): How would you advise a new Gmail user to protect their Gmail against falling victim to these threats? 


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