#OnEBoardChat April Roundup

In April the weekly OnEBoard Twitter chats covered account security, community moderation and online meetings.

Thanks to April chat hosts Molly Youngblood, Peggy Kolm, and Nina Trankova and to everyone who joined the discussion!

Discussions are every Sunday at 11AM PST/6PM UTC, and everyone is welcome to participate. 

Open the #OnEBoardChat hashtag on Twitter to follow the latest conversation.

Upcoming discussions: 

  • May 1: Social Media Choices with Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)
  • May 8: Digital Realities: From 6th Sense to Datasense with Svetlana Stavreva (@stavreva)

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April 3: Account Security

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link):  What is 2FA (two-factor authentication) and why should you use it? 

Q2 (link): What should you do if you can't remember your password?

Q3 (link):  What can you do to secure your Google account?

Bonus (link): What should you do if your account has been compromised? 

April 10: Community Moderation: Off-platform user behavior

Host: Peggy K (@peggyktc)

Background reading (link): 

Q1 (link): Do you think someone's behavior outside a community should impact their membership in that community? Is there a difference if it's an individual or business or government entity? Is there a difference if it's a private or public community?

Q2 (link):  If you know of bad behavior of a person or entity offline or in another community, what actions are appropriate in your community?

  • Nothing
  • Watch them closely
  • Limit their activity or features
  • Label their content
  • Something else

Q3 (link): Different communities have different rules, expectations and allowed behavior. How can a community's policies be communicated and enforced consistently as people move between communities? 

April 17: Online Meetings

Host: Nina Trankova  (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link): Which of the online meetings below (teleconference (audio), video conference, web conference) are part of your current work-life routine? Describe the platforms you are using and why. 

Q2 (link): What are the most common mistakes you have seen in online meetings? Share your best practice for preparation and etiquette for online meetings.

Q3 (link): What tools help being organised and exclude meeting fatigue in online meetings? 

April 24: Account Security

Host: Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): Why is it important to secure your Google account?

Q2 (link): How can you tell if a link is safe to click? 

Q3 (link): What should you do if you have malware on your computer? 

That's the roundup for April. Join the OnEBoard discussions in May!