#OnEBoardChat: Twitter Chat about communication, social media and the internet

Every Sunday an OnEBoard member hosts a discussion on Twitter. #OnEBoardChat covers topics related to social media, communication and technology. 
The discussions are face-paced and always interesting, with participants sharing their experience and perspectives from around the world. 

Svetlana Stavreva recapped a discussion she hosted:
It was a great experience – fast and furious. Within an hour we chatted about communications literacy in the digital era with opinions spanning from the definition of communications literacy to a discussion whether communications literacy should be taught in school or not.
Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion! Just look for Twitter posts with the #OnEBoardChat hashtag on Sunday at 6 PM UTC (11 AM PDT, 8 PM CEST, 3 AM AEST).

To keep up with announcements and sign up to be the Host for a future #OnEBoardChat, join the OnEBoard Group on Google and Facebook. It's free!

 Here are the topics we have covered so far: 

 Host: Nina Trankova Topic: Online meetings - when, how long, how big? Host: Peggy K Topic: Personal versus professional social media posting Host: Monika Schmidt Topic: Social media engagement via video meetings Host: Nina Trankova Topic: International engagement in social media Host: Bob Danley Topic: What do you love to post about on social media? Host: Ms Drasby Topic: Social media in the classroom Host: Svetlana Stavreva Topic: Communications literacy in the digital era Host: Nina Trankova Topic: Native languages in online communities Host: Peggy K Topic: Audio, video or text? Host: Nina Trankova Topic: Content on mobile vs desktop Host: Bob Danley Topic: How has the pandemic impacted your life? Host: Svetlana Stavreva Topic: Communications Literacy Join the next #OnEBoardChat on Sunday, April 25!