#OnEBoardChat May Roundup

In the May OnEBoard Twitter chats we discussed social media, the importance of data, Google Business Profiles, Gmail and Google Meet. 

Thanks to May chat hosts Nina Trankova, Svetlana Stavreva, Molly Youngblood, and Somnath Datta, and  to everyone who joined the discussion!

Discussions are every Sunday at 11AM PST/6PM UTC, and everyone is welcome to participate. 

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Upcoming discussions: 

  • June 5:  Google Ads with host Molly Youngblood (@mygeigermeister)
  • June 19: Online Communities with host Peggy K (@peggyktc)

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Here's what we discussed in May:

May 1: Social Media Choices

Host: Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link):  How long have you been on social media? What is your background? Based on your own experience please add your conclusion: should one have ONE social media?

Q2 (link): Describe how exactly are you running your social media? How often do you post? Any automated activity? Add your personal conclusion: how much time does social media cost daily and for whom is this important?

Q3 (link): Is social media of tomorrow a thing? Add your own reflection: how do you wish social media to be? 

May 8: Digital Realities: From 6th Sense to Datasense 

Host: Svetlana Stavreva (@stavreva)

Q1 (link): According to some predictions, by 2025 world’s data will grow to 175 zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes), or this is 23 000 gigabytes of data for every person on Earth. Much more than the data used to put men on the moon, for example. How important is #data today?

Q2 (link): How important is #data in your private life?

Q3 (link): Is your decision making - in business or privately - based more on data, or is it rather emotional?

May 15: Google Business Profile

Host: Molly Youngblood  (@mygeigermeister)

Q1 (link): What can you do if your Google Business Profile gets suspended?

Q2 (link):  What is the best way to optimize your Google business profile?

Q3 (link):  What are some future topics you would like to learn about? Please share additional topics by commenting to this tweet if it's not included in the poll :)

May 22: Gmail How-Tos

Host: Somnath Datta (@sillyposts)

Q1 (link): If you have tried the new Gmail standard web UI, what is your opinion about it?

Q2 (link): What do you consider important benefits of Gmail and are there features that you see elsewhere but missing in Gmail?

Q3 (link): To what extent do you need to customize Gmail from the default UI to meet your various needs based on how you use Gmail across different accounts?

May 29: Google Meet 101

Host: Nina Trankova (@ninatrankova)

Q1 (link): We can have the best online meetings only if we get ready. So how do you ensure you are well prepared to meet with Google Meet? Or with another online meeting app? 

Q2 (link): Are you feeling more comfortable with a blurred background, noise cancelled, raising hand to ask a question, start record to have a video...what else is exciting you with Google Meet? 

Q3 (link): What must be prevailing in your Google Meet meetings so that you start a meeting with confidence and focus on the things you are passionate about - study, collaborate, create etc. ? 


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