Premiere: How to understand each other in Meet while speaking your native language

Did you know your meeting can have live, real-time translations if you use Google Meet video calls with the Google Translate Chrome extension? 

A demo featuring Nina Trankova, Monika Schmidt, and Brigitte Uras Premieres live on March 14. Watch the video below or join the discussion on YouTube

Note that of this writing, Google Meet offers live captions in English, as well as Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Non-English captions are available to participants in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. 

The built-in live captions are not translations. They are captions in the language of the speaker.

If the meeting is not in your native language, you can use Chrome's built-in translation option to translate the captions live.

Enable translation suggestions in Chrome

1. Open Chrome and click the 3 dot menu at top right
2. Select Settings from the menu
3. On the left menu in the Chrome Settings click "Advanced" and then "Languages"
4. Click "Languages"
5. In the Languages settings under "Translation suggestion" enable "Offer to translate websites in other languages"

Start translating live captions in Meet

1. Sign in to your meeting in Google Meet on desktop
2. Enable captions by clicking the CC button on the bottom navigation bar
3. Alt-click or right click the live caption
4. From the Chrome menu that pops up choose the "Translate to [your language]" option

You will immediately see translated live captions. 

Set a notification in YouTube for the Premiere to watch and discuss the demonstration!