#OnEBoardCreative 2023 Calendar

Announcing 2023 themes for #OnEBoardCreative!

As the year comes to a close, we at OnEBoard want to thank everyone who participated in the 2022 collaborative movie projects, and share the themes and dates for 2023!

2023 Themes

Album Opens

Album Closes

Movie Premiere (Sunday)

Getting Around

1 January 

6 February 

6 March, 2023

Doors and Windows

7 February 

20 March 

3 April, 2023

Water's Power

21 March

30 April 

8 May, 2023

Festive Dishes

1 May

31 June 

12 July, 2023

Sports and Outdoors

1 July

31 August 

9 April, 2023

Autumn Festivals

1 September

31 October 

6 November, 2023

Festive Illuminations

1 November

31 December

29 January, 2024

How to Participate

Watch for an announcement with a link to the collaborative Google Photos album in the week before the album opens for submissions. It will be announced here on OnEBoard News, in the OnEBoard Newsletter, and with the #OnEBoardCreative hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Once you have joined the Google Photos album, add your own photos and short (under 30 second) video clips.

  • Submissions should be related to the album theme. 
  • Sometimes the album will be limited to only new images and videos. In other cases older images and videos can be submitted. Read the instructions in the album for details.
  • Resolution should be at least 1280 x 720, and it's better if they are 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger.
  • Both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation are fine.
  • In the album chat please clearly state your consent for inclusion of your photos or videos in the final movie and promotional material. You may also include one social media handle (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc) to be mentioned when the movie is published.
OnEBoard hosts the collaborative Google Photos Album for 24 months after the movie premiere, after which the Photos Album is permanently deleted. The photos remain in participants’ personal Google Photos libraries.

You can remove your photos and videos from the shared album at any time. 

Movie Premiere

After the collaborative Google Photos album is closed to new submissions, they will be turned into one or more movies. Both "shorts" (vertical videos under 60 seconds) and longer videos may be created. If you are interested in creating a movie from the shared album, post a note in the album chat.

Note that there is no guarantee that your photos or video clips will be included in the final movie. 

Also, your images and videos may be cropped or otherwise modified in the final movie. 

Movies will premiere on YouTube on a Sunday within a month after the album closes. Watch for the announcement!

You can join us live on YouTube for the Premiere. The movie may also be shared on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Thank you contributors!

On behalf of everyone from the OnEBoard Creative team, sincere thanks to our contributors! We are mentioning everyone in the video description on YouTube, on Twitter, on Facebook, OnEBoard News and in the new OnEBoard Monthly Newsletter.

We hope you will join us again in 2023!